Antony works with Neil Walker who utilises Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques. Neil's information can be found below.

Neil Walker

B.Eng (Hons), B.Th (Hons), Dip Ed
Grad Cert NLP, Cert IV Training and Assessment
Life Coach, NLP Consultant and Master Trainer of NLP

NLP is an exciting "technology" that can be used to help people cope with stress, phobias, self-esteem and many other conditions.

Neil has worked with many diverse clients from business communication to chronic pain management.

In addition to helping the clients referred to him, Neil works closely with Antony to help develop strategies for patients with chronic pain.

The best thing about NLP is that is doesn't require many sessions to achieve long-lasting results. Often only 1 or 2 sessions are all that is needed.

If you are ready for an amazing experience, bookings can be made by contacting us here.