Cancellation Policy


Our staff make your health a priority – and we believe that you should put your appointment above other matters and make your health a priority – that way you can be more effective and enjoy life at work, at home and as a person in general.

We require 24 hours of cancellation of appointments for all of our services.


Failure to give the required notice will result in the following cancellation fees :

Appointment for

Less than 24 hours notice

Less than 4 hours notice/

Not Attending without Notice



50% of consultation fee

100% of consultation fee


Please note that these fees are not claimable on your health fund/insurance company/Medicare and will need to be paid by you.


Further appointments will not be able to be booked until payment has been made.



Sickness, work, emergencies and unexpected events will still incur the scheduled cancellation fee, unfortunately there can be no exceptions.